The BuggyCart™ is the world first shopping cart attachment for your pram. The BuggyCart™ consists of a very roomy tote bag and sturdy easy to attach base on wheels. It safely holds a capacity of 66L which is the almost the same volume as a small 70L shopping trolley. It is designed to avoid having to move your children into shopping trolleys and as extra storage for your pram when you are out-and-about. Take the cart off the base and it doubles as an eco shopping-tote and a large nappy-bag. It truly is a life changing accessory for your pram.

The BuggyCart™ was designed by mum of 3 boys Helen Druitt in Sydney Australia. Like every mother she struggled to do her groceries and other shopping with her growing family. She searched high and low for a solution but could not find it so she invented it!

The BuggyCart™ comes in 2 pieces. A base and a bag. The base securely attaches to the back of your pram with adjustable velcro straps and acts as a support for the bag. The bag is securely strapped to the pram and the base and opens up to safely carry 66L or 15kg of items. Take the bag off the pram and it is a very roomy, durable and stylish carry-bag, nappy-bag or eco-shopping-bag.

Absolutely not. That would be very inconvenient. Lets face it, no one likes to put together anything that requires tools! The BuggyCart™ is attached to your pram with velcro straps. There is no need for any tools and it can be attached in 30 seconds. If you have already attached a scooter then you can simply use the bag without the base. Place the bag over the scooter board and it works exactly the same.

Extra emphasis has been placed on making sure the BuggyCart™ will last the life of your pram. The bag is made from premium AZO dye free, water resistant, stain resistant fabric. The bag is lined with quality nylon rip-stop fabric, which makes it easy to clean spills. The wheels are high-quality P.V.C scooter wheels known for their durability and strength, without the rattle that cheap plastic wheels exhibit. The frame has a strong metal tubular frame and unlike plastic will last the test of time.

We have tested the BuggyCart™ on almost every pram and stroller available in the major international markets. We can safely say that the BuggyCart™ fits onto almost every single pram we tested except one. The BuggyCart™ is not compatible with Pixi Strollers and prams with a bar brake higher than 30cm off the ground. However new pram models are released regularly, so if you find that the BuggyCart™ does not securely attach to your pram we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

The BuggyCart™ is often used on the back of wheelchairs and mobility devices. Carers need to do groceries too and, unfortunately, have even more limited options than parents. The BuggyCart™ has proved to be an invaluable tool for carers. Please check with us for compatibility. The BuggyCart™ bag can be used for ABSOLUTELY anything. Keep it in your pram to ensure you have an eco-friendly shopping bag, or diaper bag with you at all times.

The BuggyCart™ has been rigorously tested alongside strict Australian guidelines and safely supports 66L or 15kg of shopping without tipping your pram or its precious cargo. This is thanks to the BuggyCart™ 's custom set of wheels designed to support its own weight.

Yes the BuggyCart™ is a one-size-fits all product. It was designed specifically to be adjustable and fit comfortably on all prams.

There is a compatibility page on our website otherwise send us a message and we will answer it immediately.

Twin prams are our biggest market. As you can imagine parents of multiples and parents with big families need even MORE food, MORE often and have MORE issues getting around than the parents of one. So if you are a parent of multiples YOU DEFINITELY NEED A BuggyCart™ !

The BuggyCart™ eliminates the need for shopping bags and as long as you have your BuggyCart™ in your pram you will never need to pay for a shopping bag again.


Orders are shipped within 24 hours and standard Australia wide shipping is 2-5 days.

Should you require an express service or an international service please message us and we will gladly arrange it.

Yes of course. Please contact us to arrange shipping.

Of course.

Yes we love AfterPay.

PayPal is our friend.

Of course. Please mention it in the comments when you check out and we will do a complimentary gift wrap and even send it to your recipient with a teddy.

Yes we have BuggyCart™ gift cards that are boxed with a teddy and can be sent direct to your recipient.

Please contact us for a list of representatives who currently have stock in your area.

We regularly hold Try&Buy events around Australia. Please email or message us and we will let you know when the next Try&Buy event is.


BuggyCart™ is made out of durable, water resistant material and rust proof base. It can be easily cleaned the same way you clean your pram: with water, soap and wipes.

Simply press down on the little button on the side of the wheels and slide them up or down. If you are unsure what level is best send us your pram model and we will advise.

We have tested the BuggyCart™ on most prams and we are confident it will fit comfortably on most prams. Let us know you are having issues and we will walk you through the process of attaching the BuggyCart™. If you are still unhappy we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes of course! That's part of the beauty of the BuggyCart™. The BuggyCart™ also doubles as a eco-friendly shopping bag and diaper bag.

When not in use the BuggyCart™ folds down into a tiny space that fits in the bottom of your pram.

The BuggyCart™ can be used absolutely anywhere you would take your pram Shopping centre Beach Park Fair Expo Playground Anywhere where you would take your pram!

Yep. We are those annoying fast walking people who always look like they are on a mission, and BuggyCart™ has kept up with us every step of the way.

You can comfortably walk with the BuggyCart™ and down hills. Please take the same precautions as you would normally take. See our pram safety guide for general tips on how to keep your family safe in a pram.

The BuggyCart™ is water resistant.


Unbox the BuggyCart™ and give it a go for 30 days. If after 30 days you are not convinced it is the most useful pram accessory you have ever purchased please contact us for a returns slip. Although we do not refund the cost of shipping either way we will fully refund the price of the BuggyCart™ .

Please get in touch for a full refund. We are always trying to improve our product so do not hesitate to contact us and explain why. No hard feelings.

Email us at and we will get the process started.

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Spare parts are easily arranged simply email

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Check our footer below for a link to download a new manual. You can also watch the BuggyCart™ be attached in the demonstration video.

It happens. Let's blame the baby brain. Spare parts are easily arranged simply email


We know that desperate feeling. We can arrange a door to door courier to deliver the BuggyCart™ anywhere in the world. Enquire at

All of them!

It may be possible. Send us an email and we will see which wholesalers and representatives currently have stock.

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