BuggyCart Features

Super sized storage capacity

Super sized pram storage basket designed to attach to the back of your pram or stroller to maximise storage space.

Safety first

A safe and practical solution to shopping with your baby.

BuggyCart uses their own wheels so the weight of your shopping is distributed evenly instead of on the back of your handlebars.

Unlike pram hooks, it wont cause your pram (or its precious cargo!) to tip over.

Attach easily

The can attach to most double and single sized prams and strollers. The upper attachment straps are adjustable to a handlebar width of between 30cm and 90cm and a mimimum height of 75cm.

The lower attachment straps attach to the back wheels, as long as there is is a width of between 45 and 50cm.


BuggyCarts have a massive 66l capacity which can fit up to 2 bulk size nappy boxes or between 10-15 kilos.

Easy storage

After you've finished your shopping, the BuggyCart can collapse completely flat and be stored in your pram basket storage area. Or ifyou would prefer they can simply fold in half, and using the attached strap, attach it to your handlebar and use it as a caddy.