HELEN DRUITT the inventor

It was during the early months after my third baby Lennox was born, I found myself with the dilemma of not being able to do enough shopping at my local supermarket with the limited storage space in my stroller. I was unimpressed with the dirty, wonky wheeled trolleys on offer, I began my quest to find a large enough bag to hold all her shopping, without ruining or causing my stroller to tip over. I discovered that if a bag had its own set of wheels, the weight of my shopping would not cause the stroller to tip.

After securing a patent and several prototypes later, the first BuggyCart™ was born. My design for the BuggyCart™ had to be one that could replace the existing stroller caddy's, drink holders, and baby bags hanging off the handle bars of existing strollers. It had to be compact so that it could be folded and stored easily in the car or stroller basket. It had to be big enough to fit the bulky items like nappies and toilet paper. It had to universally fit on most pram and stroller designs, and finally, it had to look good!

I now enjoy being able to do all my shopping at once without compromising on my baby's safety and comfort.