Why nurses make great inventors.

Why nurses make great inventors.

Helen Druitt
The benefits of having my background in nursing was that I became super flexible with my working hours. If I needed to do the odd “night shift” when working, I could. I just needed a lot of coffee the next morning!

You learn to prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. One thing nursing taught me was that I couldn’t always fit everything into one single shift. So, this means constantly assessing the more urgent, with the not so urgent. It’s the same in business. Don’t procrastinate on the little things, get the big things done first, then worry about the little things.

Nursing is still a great job to have on the side. Because I worked in business as my main job, I had the time to do a casual nursing job on the side which paid more money for less hours. It is perfect for when your starting out.

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