It all started when…

…Helen had her 3rd son. She was frustrated that she never had enough space in her buggy for groceries and other shopping.

As all mums know, when your baby is safe and comfortable, you dont move them. EVER! But, everyone needs to buy food and it’s impossible to push a pram and a trolley at the same time. Inconvenient heavy bags tip your buggy over, and your nappy bag fills the space underneath.

So where can you put everything? In your BuggyCart.

Her award winning design is already being used by hundreds of Australian mums who cannot live without it. It fits most prams, has its own wheels for stability, has a storage capacity of 15kg, is easy to use and gives mums the freedom to get things done while bub is settled safely.

Company Facts

  • 34 year old Helen Druitt is the company’s founder.
  • Idea conceived in 2015 soon after the birth of Helen’s 3rd child.
  • Gold award winner at the St. George Ausmumpreneur awards in 2016.
  • On her last $100 and about to give up she turned to kickstarter. A VC noticed her kickstarter campaign and funded her production and operating expenses. BuggyCart is now on track to sell out, making AU$60,000 in sales in the first month.

Contact Details

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  • press:

Aussie mum invents a solution to the terror associated with doing your shopping with young kids

When Helen Druitt began having children she was faced with a horror most mums experience - How on earth do you do your shopping FOR your growing family WITH your growing family?

Every mum has had some sort of horror story associated with doing her shopping with young kids and often these stories get worse as the family grows.

“With each child my definition of whats acceptable behaviour became more and more liberal. By the time I had my 3rd son if one of my kids hadn’t peed in a store or needed an Emergency Room it was a successful shopping trip. Many times during my shopping trips with 3 kids I had to leave my carefully selected shopping basket and run! Run to the nearest toilet; Run to my car; Run to my husbands arms in tears. Some days I felt like leaving the kids behind too.”

After several failed shopping trips with her boys Helen jumped online to buy a solution. She searched and searched for months, even years and to her surprise she realised there was no safe solution to this problem. So after the birth of her 3rd son she invented the BuggyCart.

The BuggyCart is a world first pram attachable shopping cart. She first launched her invention in 2015 and the first version of the BuggyCart sold out worldwide. V2 is now available for presale and the first batch has all but sold out.

Helen has the following tip for parents looking to take the brave trip into the shopping mall with young kids;

  • Hit the shops early. As soon as the kids wake up from their sleep and are in a good mood pack the kids in the car with their breakfast and GO! Have your pram, BuggyCart, toys and food loaded in the pram the night before. Start your shopping at the general stores that open earlier like Kmart and then head to the boutique stores later on. This way you avoid the traffic and lines which can transform even the most behaved kids into little demons.
  • Never leave your house without your BuggyCart. EVER! The BuggyCart solves the dilemma of where to put your shopping when you have no more hands left and still have some kids to cart around. After all a stroller is a legal form of restraining an unruly human. The BuggyCart can carry up to 15kgs and still hold 2 boxes of nappies while your hands are free and your little ones are strapped in.
  • Pack a bag of entertainment and snacks. Leading up to the Easter or Christmas rush start collecting the kids favourite toys and snacks. This is now your emergency kit. When you start to get the sense of a meltdown pull out ONE piece from your emergency kit and watch their mood change when they see a toy they have missed dearly.
  • Get your friends or family to help out. Perhaps they can take an older child to the playground or push your pram around while you grab your shopping.
  • Shopping play centres and mothers rooms are your recharge stations. Before you begin shopping check the map for the nearest toilets and playgrounds. Even the most patient of children will be fed up with a marathon shopping session and regular pee-breaks are a must to avoid any embarrassing situations. Many of the larger shopping centres in Australia have amazing play equipment and decked out parents rooms. Break it up by letting them out of the pram and having a play in the shopping centre playground or parents room.
  • Concede defeat. Its 30 mins past their nap-time and your toddlers are starting to get tired and grumpy but you still have not finished your Christmas shopping. Well, my friend, its time to concede defeat and head home before World War 3 erupts. Finishing a shopping trip on a high note is an amazing morale booster for all involved. Theres always online stores or gift cards for the things you forgot and lets face it 49 year old Uncle Mike who you see once a year does not need an Easter egg this year.

For more information about the revolutionary BuggyCart that mothers cannot live without please go to or email

Pop'd: Every mother needs this pram accessory!

Pop'd: Every mother needs this pram accessory!

Every mother needs this pram accessory! Pop'd loves the BuggyCart!

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