Why you need to get out of the house more

Getting out of the house can make you feel better, escape anxiety, claustrophobia and activates endorphins. Everyone should get out every day including new mothers and babies. Let's see how we can make it easier for everyone to get out more and avoid feelings of depression and anxiety. 

1. Taking a 30 minute walk is an achievable goal to make, and it uses all the muscles at once. An easy one to do which benefits both you and your baby, going to the local playground. Lots of trees for shade and free of cars and crowds can be beneficial for both of you. 

2. Going to the shops can often be avoided due to the anxiety of driving with a baby and finding a car park, as well as spending too much money. But walking to and around the shops can easily get your fitness levels up without even thinking about it. Providing a sheltered indoor space free from traffic and bad weather. Not to mention an easy way to grab a coffee. Be sure to check your local shops has a good quality parents room so that feeding and changing can be done with ease. 

3. Walk your dog (or someone else's). Dogs have been shown to decrease anxiety, and even prevent eczema and allergies in your baby. This may be a tricky one for some people as there is no way I can walk my oversized and over enthusiastic dalmatian comfortably next to my pram. However, if your dog doesn't pull, it is an easy way to get both yourself and your dog the exercise it needs. If you don't have a dog, you may check to see if a neighbour has a friendly and easy going dog which you can take with you. Just to be safe, you may want to put your baby in a baby carrier. They will love you for it. 

4. Go for a swim. Swimming can be another way to relieve stress and create a fun an relaxing way to get some exercise. Whether it's ocean baths or the local public pool, there are ways to make it possible with a baby. There are many public pools that provide a creche for your baby (sometimes included in the admission fee for free!). Otherwise, you can pop down for a quick swim when you have a babysitter, Either way, it's a great way to feel de-stressed and re-energised for the day.ahead.

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