We asked a bunch of mums what twin prams were the best, and why. Here are the results...

We asked a bunch of mums what twin prams were the best, and why. Here are the results...

So, I was curious, with all the twin and double prams out there, which one is going to best suit you and why?

There had been mums that have regrettably made the wrong decision when it came to investing in their baby pusher, and to save you the time and money, (not to mention sheer frustration), when it came to finding a pram they loved!

1. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

What mums loved about this pram is the fact that it can still fit easily in most doorways and is the most user friendly. The things they didn't like about it is the harness clips. 

2. Mountain Buggy Duet

What mums loved about this pram is that it too was the most convenient when it came to squeezing into narrow doorways and checkouts. The downside? There were many mums that didn't like how this pram didn't have a parent facing option (unless you used the capsules). Also, the seats tended to be on the more narrow side so unless you have tiny tots, you probably will need to upgrade to a larger pram when they become too big.

3. Bugaboo Donkey

With it's sleek and stylish looks, Donkey was a definite favourite. If you don't mind the price tag to match. There was one mum who liked how you can add a wheelie board to accommodate a third child. The downside is that people didn't like the was it was super wide! Virtually impossible to take shopping due to it's lack of a storage basket considering it's size. Most parents ended up using it in the single mode and strapping the other twin in a baby carrier. 

4. Steelcraft Agile Twin

The ease of this pram, as well as the generously sized pram basket, made this pram also a crowd favourite. Super easy to fold down, and attaching the capsules was a breeze.

5. Valco Snap Duo

Coming in 5th was the Valco Snap Duo. This budget friendly pram with all the desirable extras, it was easy to understand why this was a favourite. Seats that face both ways independently, convert to bassinet and has a nice big basket. One mum mentioned that the ease of pushing one handed on the grass was a big win for her. She also mentioned that she couldn't find a door that hadn't fitted her pram through yet. Another mum raised the point to ensure that you get the sports wheel option if you do buy this beauty as it makes off road driving a breeze. 

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