Top Tips for Christmas Shopping with a Baby

So, we have officially arrived in the Christmas holiday season, and while most of you wont be thinking of anything too much right now, it is important to know what to do (and what not to do) when you have a new addition to your family. Here is a list of my top tips for Christmas holiday season and how to make the most of it, with as little fuss as possible. 

1. Organise all your shopping early. If you are doing a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa, make sure you have all requests in as early as possible. Why? Well, as you have probably figured out already, once was a quick duck in and duck out trip to the shopping centre, now it is a MAJOR drama! Things will take at least twice as long as they used to, and remembering to factor in feeds, sleeps and nappy changes, it is no wonder people still dare to get out of the house at all with the baby. Anyway, if you decide to brave the shopping centre, make sure you have a BuggyCart to hide all your presents away from prying eyes and ensure you have enough space to carry everything. 

2. Shop online as early as possible to ensure everything arrives early. Or at least on time. Take into account that everyone in the world is also shopping online and delivery times can take longer. 

3. Make a list of everything your baby or children "needs". Write out another list of definite no no's to buy. This is especially helpful for the family members who wish to buy your baby a gift from the heart, but don't want it to be a burden, and you especially don't want to end up with two dozen plastic toys that you (or your baby) didn't want or need. Practical gifts include clothes or pyjamas, shoes, hats are always a favourite for me. If in doubt, ask for gift vouchers. 

4. For Christmas meals, try to organise to have it at your place. Ask for helpers to help clean and bring food. This is extremely practical when your baby is needing his or her own bed for their sleeps, not to mention, your own bed if you need to rest during the busy day. If you do decide to have it at someone else's home, make sure you come prepared for everything you need.

5. Plan your trip. Remember to be safe when travelling especially when you're likely to get distracted by the baby's fussing, as well as taking into account your tiredness and or stress. If it's going to be a long drive, staying overnight somewhere if you can! 


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