Should you take your baby outdoors during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The short answer is if you have to, and there is no one else to do the shopping for you, then yes. However, you must use caution.

Avoid using shopping trolleys as they are a breeding ground of bacteria as well as viruses. Not to mention that the increased exposure allows other people to brush past, sneeze onto, or touch your little one when they are in such easy view. 

Keep your child in their stroller with their seat belt harness on! This not only avoids accidents of children falling out accidentally, but also will limit the outstretched arms of your child or baby grabbing and touching things that they should leave untouched. 

Pram accessories that you will need are a BuggyCart to allow you to fit as much shopping in your pram without causing tips or damage to your pram. Also, if you can, please use a plastic rain cover for extra protection. They will help stop any droplet transmissions getting into your pram or stroller, and onto your baby. 

Avoid the change rooms and public toilets if you can. This means you will need to be organised and do any nappy changes and feeds before going out. If your baby happens to need a nappy change when you are out, change them in the car or within their pram or stroller if you can. 

Avoid bringing bottles, toys, or pacifiers (dummies), rusks and food that can be thrown on the ground or come in contact with anything that is a common surface such as a hand rail, or supermarket shelf. Especially if it is likely to be immediately sucked on again! Leave them at home.

Keep your shopping trips as brief as possible. Avoid any unnecessary detours to the cafe or playground. This can be hard if your child has a favorite routine when you go shopping, so if necessary, go the long way around to avoid any melt downs.

Reward yourself and your child by buying an item that they can play when they get home again. It will give them something to look forward to especially if the playgrounds are off limit. Our favourites were always Play-Doh or a toy car. 

Be sure to wipe down your rain cover, BuggyCart and pram handles with either a soap and water solution or some anti-bacterial spray and dry in full sunlight.

Stay safe everyone! We will get through this. 

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