Pram Safety & Buying Guide

Pram Safety & Buying Guide

Helen Druitt

Are you a first-time parent? Is this your first baby pram or stroller purchase... or you just weren't happy with your last stroller or pram purchase. Whatever the situation you're facing, we shall shed light on the matter to make your life easier.

Through my knowledge, experience and gained insight from inventing and testing the BuggyCart™, I will provide a buying guide for parents as well as offer up my services privately if you're at the baby store and can't decide (just PM me).

First and foremost, the #1 most important factor when purchasing a pram is its purpose. What will it be used for? What are your and your family's needs? If your main activity is jogging (I never understood the jogger-mums, where do they get the energy?!), then you'll consider the range of baby pram joggers available. If you'll be walking a lot with your baby, and using public transport, then a pram that has a narrow width to easily get on an off trains and buses as well as through supermarket checkouts is a must. Maybe you'll be travelling a lot?... then you'll need a pram that is lightweight and folds easily – a baby stroller such as a BabyZen YoYo would be a great fit (we are currently giving one away here

Another thing to consider is the wheels. Are you mainly walking on concrete footpaths? Or are you are walking on a lot of grass and unsealed roads, then make sure you have the appropriate wheels and tires.

Your lifestyle and whatever suits the purpose the pram will most often be used for, should dictate the type of pram you purchase.

If for instance, you need a pram that will last for a likely 2nd or 3rd child, then Baby Jogger has a great range. One of my favourites is the Baby Jogger City Select prams that can easily add another second seat if the need arises, and simply remove when not required.

If you’re expecting twins or more, a side-by-side double pram such as the Bugaboo Donkey or the ABC Adventure Buggy is perfect when you have three or more under three years old.

The #2 most important factor when purchasing a pram is safety! Prams vary in safety features and if buying a pram second hand or overseas, please consider things like working brakes, cleanliness and harness safety. To familiarize yourself with the latest pram and stroller standards, see here:   

Thirdly, budget! Prams vary in price differences. Some are $299 and some are $3999. Depending on what you want, prices for baby prams can differ dramatically. Price is not always indicative of quality or safety either, there are some great quality prams and strollers that you can purchase from Kmart or Big W that will have all the features you are looking for, so they are worth having a look into As a rule of thumb, the prams and strollers in the median price range, are often the best. Remember that if you're looking at a baby pram carriage like the beautiful Silver Cross Balmoral, you'll still need to purchase a more lightweight stroller in the future, trust me, the heavier and bulkier they are, the more annoying they will be if you are constantly folding them up and down to get them in and out of your car.

So after considering the above factors, you can now target that very specific pram to purchase. There are many personal and smaller considerations that must be taken into account, as you will come to realise from the list below. They are:

a) Are you fit an healthy? Consider the weight of the pram. Can you push it? Although the bigger prams are easier to push with better suspension they are harder to lift and carry.

b) What kind of car do you have? Do you drive a small Honda Civic or a big SUV? Will the pram fit in your car? Do the wheels of the stroller or pram come off for easy storage?

c) Are you willing to have two prams? Do you want a pram for your newborn and then a small stroller for later or must they be an all-in-one system?

d) Do you want the pram to last you a long time? Or is buying a new system when your baby gets older is ok? If you are considering re-selling your pram or stroller, does it have a good re-sale price? Bugaboo prams have a fantastic price return if you are thinking of getting some of your money back.

e) What is your babies personality? Is your baby an easy sleeper or not? Does your baby prefer being up high or doesn't mind being closer to the floor? These questions sound silly but believe me babies have preferences for prams. My 18 month old demanded his favourite pram. The same goes for car seats. He screamed in one car seat and when we changed it to another one we never heard a peep. 

f) Consider the accessories you need. Do you need cup-holders? Umbrellas? Do you use your pram or stroller for shopping? Then consider the size of the basket. There are additional accessories such as the BuggyCart™ which allows you to maximize your pram storage space by an additional 150L, without having to move your baby into a shopping trolley. Do you have a toddler? Consider a toddler board or seat that they can sit on when they get tired. A great hack is to get both a buggy board and a BuggyCart™ and place the BuggyCart™ shopping bag on the buggy board instead of your child (but not both together). Now you have an all-in-one family system. Genius!

g) Consider the weather in your city. Does it rain a lot? If it does, make sure you get a rain cover. Is it very sunny? High UV index? A pram with an oversized extendable hood to protect your baby from the sun. CoziGo shades are another personal favourite. They fit every pram perfectly and includes zip openings on the side to allow for good ventilation. Get your CoziGo here.

h) Does the pram or stroller lie completely flat? This is important when you have a newborn as their spine muscles are developing and if they are to spend long periods of time in the pram or stroller. It is important also when thinking of sleep safety as SIDS recommend the best position for a baby to sleep is on her back. Do you care to face your baby? Most baby prams have adjustable handles where you can see your baby while you push... but some don't. Consider this preference.

At BuggyCart™ HQ we have tested most of the prams on the market. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message and we will help you pick your dream pram.

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