Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

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Dear BuggyCart™ buyer.


Thank you for making this very important step towards your freedom as a parent. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE



  • Intended for use of luggage and with a maximum weight of 15kg or 150L
  • Do not place children inside or on top of the BuggyCart™
  • Adult use only – NOT A TOY
  • For adult use and supervision
  • Always keep your hands on your stroller when using the BuggyCart™
  • Do not leave your child/children unattended in pram while using the BuggyCart™
  • Always use the stroller’s wrist safety strap to avoid stroller rolling away
  • Always use the stroller’s parking brake when stationary
  • Before each use, check the connection points and tighten if necessary.
  • Do not use the BuggyCart™ if any part is broken, torn or missing.
  • Never let your children play with or with any part of the BuggyCart™
  • Never place hot fluids inside or on top of the BuggyCart™



  • Beware of obstacles which may cause the BuggyCart™ to tip
  • Beware of changes in balance
  • Do not use on other equipment



1 x BuggyCart™ expandable bag

1 x BuggyCart™ base frame

2 x base supports

6 x Velcro support straps

2 x wheels




There are 2 rubber scooter wheels that can be attached to the frame and adjusted to 3 different heights to suit different strollers.


The fixed wheels are designed to glide quietly and easily behind the stroller’s wheels. The wheels are removable to allow for compact storage. The minimum height of the adjustable legs is 235mm from ground to base of BuggyCart™. The medium height is 255mm. The maximum height is 265mm from base of BuggyCart™ to ground.




Velcro Support Straps


There are also 6 Velcro straps to use a small, medium and large sized depending on the width of your pram.


Which straps you choose to use depends on the make and model of your pram.


They ensure your BuggyCart™ glides smoothly without moving side to side.


The support straps can be attached to either the rear axle bar of the stroller or to the webbing strap of the BuggyCart™ frame.


The support straps can be placed in a position of the frame to allow adequate space for strollers with middle and side foot brakes on the axle bar.


The support straps can be used to clip onto a wide range of different size tubing to allow for strollers with different shaped tubing and allow for a snug fit.





The BuggyCart™ Bag is expandable by pulling out the inner lining to maximise the storage capacity.


The shoulder strap can be attached on either the expanded shopping cart position or the minimised tote bag position.


There is an inner mesh pocket that can store smaller items that can be removed by its velcro attachment. The inner mesh pocket can be attached to either the expanded shopping cart position or the minimised tote bag position.


The front pocket has a zippered section and a sleeve behind it to secure the bag handles while the BuggyCart is in use on the stroller to prevent tripping hazards.


Assembling the BuggyCart™

  1. Check all contents are included in your box. If there are any parts missing please contact to get in touch.


  1. Attach the wheels into the frame base wheel sockets until you hear a “click.”


  1. Adjust the wheel height if required by pressing the pin button on the wheel stem and slide the wheel up into either the bottom, middle or top buttonholes on the frame.


  1. Repeat with the other wheel until you have both wheels at the same height in the frame.


  1. Lock frame into place with the silver latch on the side


  1. Un-clip the webbing strap and loosen the strap with the plastic adjuster.


  1. Wrap the strap around the rear of your stroller in between the back wheels and axle 2 times to form a secure loop around each leg of the stroller.


  1. Connect the strap with the clip and pull the end of the strap with the adjuster to tighten.


  1. Put any access strap away into the basket of your pram to avoid a tripping hazard.


  1. Attach the additional Velcro Straps onto the back wheels of your pram. You may need to change the straps to the long straps if you have a twin pram, or the short straps if you have a narrow travel style pram.


  1. Place the 2 bag bases inside the bottom of the BuggyCart™ Bag


  1. Attach the bag by placing the base of the bag onto the frame of the BuggyCart™.



  1. Look for the velcro tabs on the base of the BuggyCart™ and connect to the wheel frame at the points marked out with green dot stickers.


  1. Use the shoulder strap to wrap around the top of your pram handles to keep the BuggyCart™ upright.



  1. When using the BuggyCart™ in the extended position, please ensure the front bag handle is tucked into the front pocket to avoid tripping hazards.


Dissembling the BuggyCart™


Warning: Please ensure your BuggyCart is removed from your stroller when folding up your stroller.

  1. Unpack all contents of the bag before attempting to disassemble your BuggyCart™.
  2. Remove the BuggyCart™ bag from the stroller frame base by pulling the velcro tabs carefully off the frame of the BuggyCart™, then reattaching the velcro tabs on the bag to prevent dust and other particles getting into the velcro tabs.
  3. Unclip the webbing strap.
  4. Remove the wheels to allow for minimal storage space.


Cleaning and maintenance


Spot clean with mild detergent and cold water.


When using the BuggyCart™ bag, please ensure the Velcro tabs are looped around completely to prevent dust and other particles getting into the Velcro tabs.


  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean



Warranty Conditions


Your BuggyCart™ is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions. This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser and is only valid when supplied with a proof of purchase. 






























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The BuggyCart™ is the world-first shopping-cart for your pram. It fits easily onto almost every single pram with adjustable straps. When not in use it folds up to fit into the bottom of your pram and can be used as a very handy tote bag. With a BuggyCart™ you will never need to wake your child during your grocery shop and you will never need to push a heavy, unsafe, unhygienic, trolley around a shopping centre again. Shopping is fun...

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