How to win the vegetable battle with your kids

How to win the vegetable battle with your kids

Are you also a member of the veggie veterans club who has failed a million attempts to make their kids eat vegetables? Does it end in battle each time? It is not a new problem when it comes to parenting. Millions of tribes of kids had declared war against veggies way back in time when even parents were not smart enough to understand what is good for them. You know, the time when fruit loops were a totally acceptable dinner for a toddler.

Now believe this or not but this would be the hardest assignment of your life, and you will fail a thousand times, soldier but you have to keep going, because one day the sun will shine brighter, and the day would come when your child will finish his meal, even the veggies, and will even ask you for more. I know it seems like a dream to you, but have faith and all your greens will come true.

If we look further back in time till our early ancestors, we find that the human’s liking or disliking towards any taste is derived from the fact that most of the sweet tasting things in nature were not harmful in early days, on the other hand, it was not the case for green and bitter tasting fruits or vegetables. So eventually in order to survive, humans developed a liking towards sweet tasting things.

Now that we understand that the problem is not just with your kid but with the whole human race, what could you do, to make your babies veggie lovers just like you? While you forget that even you didn’t like those veggies when you were a little penny thief back in time, so it’s not your baby’s fault actually, it’s just human nature.

Nevertheless we have two ways left to solve this grand problem of the veggie extravaganza, the first one is very simple.

Go cold turkey. Cut out all sweets and junk full stop. They will protest at first but eventually, they will eat the healthy meals you provide. They won't have a choice until they are 16, and get their first job… most likely at McDonald's.

There is a second more humane way which we will take patience and time, you will fail a thousand times but if you try hard enough you might succeed and succeed for good. Let’s discuss various ways in which we can make our children eat those veggies, happily.

Make your children love vegetables gradually.

It will be an easy task if you are a Masterchef hopeful who knows how to whip up delicious and healthy dishes. But I am guessing that most of us do not fall in that category. But don’t be stressed, where there is a dill there is a way.

      • Offer a vegetable entre every single day with every single meal. While you cook up their dinner have a veggie spread of carrot sticks, cucumbers and capsicums available for them while they wait. If they are hungry enough they will eat them. Add a dip to  
      • Blend vegetables into their favourite foods.
        • Cauliflower > pancakes.
        • Spinach > smoothies
        • Broccoli > banana bread
        • Zucchini > cake
        • Black beans > brownies
      • Use cute shape cutters for vegetables.
      • Hide goodness in frittatas and quiches
      • Make their favourite pasta jam-packed with finely chopped veggies
      • Make delicious soups with a lot of pureed veggies
      • Make cakes with veggies. There are certain bland veggies like cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots that can pretty much be hidden in any sweet treat.
      • Experiment with veggie noodles.
      • Let them choose. When you go to the grocery store make it a family affair. Let your toddler fill your BuggyCart™ with any veggies that appeal to them. Offer an assortment of veggies and let them make their own pizzas and sandwiches.
      • Get tried and tested ideas from other mums from recipe websites. 


Toddler food art vegetable hacks

Toddler vegetable plate eating hack

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