How to keep your toddler entertained while you clean

How to keep your toddler entertained while you clean

Helen Druitt

Theres no escaping it, We have to clean the house. You have no choice in this matter. There is one important choice you can make its

  1. Do you clean while the youngster is asleep
  2. Do you clean while they are awake

I have tried both and personally, I prefer to clean while they are awake. Cleaning the house while you have those precious moments of peace seems like a complete waste of an opportunity to relax. Instead, I combine playtime with the kids with cleaning time and before I know it the house is clean and it's time for the kid's nap! WINNING!

I have to apologise for making it sound easier than it really is. Keeping your child entertained while you clean is hard, really hard. Here are some tips to make it easier.

  • Let your toddler help: GIve them a spray bottle of water and a rag and get them to help wiping. Give them a pile of laundry and ask them to fold it while you iron. Buy some kiddie cleaning toys and encourage them to copy you.
  • Make it a routine: Make cleaning time a certain time of the day. Tell them in advance that it’s almost time to help mummy clean and get them used to the idea of the whole experience.
  • Keep it exciting: Move from room to room with them as you clean and they won't have enough time to get bored.
  • Bring out the toys: Have special favourite toys that only come out to play during cleaning time.
  • Play some music: Little kids love anything to do with music. Put on their favourite tunes and let them dance and sing while you clean.
  • Let them do something off limits: As a last resort bring out the forbidden fruits like iPads, textas or mums high heels. As long as you follow this formula you have taken a step forward; Time taken to clean up after toddler < Time allowed to clean = Progress

Buy a baby cleaning suit: Heres the link. Thank us later!


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