Germ free family outings

Germ free family outings

Helen Druitt

Bacteria is everywhere, although not all bacteria is bad, it is definitely worth familiarizing yourself with the difference between germs and bacteria.

Bacteria is the unharmful microorganisms that grow everywhere and when kept at the right number, can keep our bodies healthy. Germs however, are usually referred to harmful bacteria that can make you, your baby, and your family sick.

It is definitely not easy to keep our children free from germs. Due to the fact that children and babies are less cautious of spreading germs. Babies use there hands to transport themselves from A to B when they learn to crawl, then use those same hands to eat finger food. Mix that with their immune suppressed systems, and you can have a recipe for sickness and infections.

Prevention is always better than cure! The cost of antibiotics is not only expensive on your hip pocket, but they can also make your child’s immune system resistant to antibiotics, leaving them prone to superbugs!

Places that are populated germ areas are basically anything that is frequently touched with your hands! For example door knobs, Taps, touch screens, and handrails. Try your best to avoid touching these things if you can help it when you’re out and about. If you do need to touch these, it’s best to keep an antibacterial gel in your baby bag, or a wipe such as “wet ones” which contain an antibacterial agent and is handy when you need to wipe down public tables, change tables, and shopping trolley handlebars.

During the first six months of your baby’s life is when they are most vulnerable to infection, try to keep visitors to a minimum and if and when they want to see and hold  your baby, politely remind your guests to wash their hands well before meeting and holding your baby. Please also remind people who have been sick (even if it’s just a cold) to hold off their visits to when they are well.

When you do leave the house, try to keep your little one in the pram and away from germ-infested shopping trolleys. The BuggyCart™ was specifically invented to avoid having to move your sleeping infant into a shopping trolley. The handlebars of a shopping trolley are riddled with germs and there have been cases of kids getting extremely sick from catching harmful bacteria from a shopping trolley. New mum Vivienne Wardrop, from the Gold Coast, said her baby almost died from sitting in a shopping trolley. Read the article here.

Use your own clean pram as much as possible. If you don’t have much pram storage space, a BuggyCart™  is a great investment to store those extra bulky items. It fits a whopping 150L of extra storage and keeps your baby free of germs and safe from accidents. Get your BuggyCart™ here  

Teaching older siblings to wash their hands well is another important lesson. Especially if they attend school or daycare. A liquid soap that is gentle on skin is just as effective as the harsher anti-bacterial soaps that can cause irritation. Remember the goal of hand washing is to “remove” the germs from hands, rather than killing the germs. One trick I’ve taught my kids is to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while you are washing your hands to ensure hands are washed thoroughly for 45 seconds or more. Keeping fingernails short is also worth noting, as bacterial love hiding out under nails.

For children, As a rule of thumb, your hands should be washed before you eat, after using the toilet, after touching your eyes, nose or mouth or after playing with a community object, for example, plastic balls in a ball-pit or in the playground.

If and when your family do get sick, keep the antibacterial agents a plenty. Glen 20 is a good spray to keep around. Pay particular attention to the toilet, door knobs, fridge handles, and devices like remote controls and computer keyboards. In conjunction with regular hand washing.

Germs are everywhere, but you don’t need to be afraid of them, just being aware of where they are, and how to treat when you’re in contact with them can help you and your family stay well this winter season.

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