Best tips for keeping your baby warm this winter

Best tips for keeping your baby warm this winter

Winter has well and truly arrived, and with that, a lot of people are asking, "what things are there to keep my baby warm outside as well as inside during the night?"

1. Indoors. It's time to think about what heating options are both safe and affordable for the increased time spent indoors with your little ones. If you have gas outlets, a gas heater can be a very affordable option especially in the long run. They are usually quite expensive to buy, however you can buy a second hand one that can do the job just as effectively. If you do use a gas heater, it is recommended that you have it regularly checked and serviced every 2 years. Gas heaters should ideally be flued with a vent that leads outside, or in a large open rooms. 

2. For the nursery: If you find there is a chill in your baby's room, you can use a small oil heater. These are very efficient in keeping the nursery warm without the heater getting too hot to touch if your baby happens to touch it. It is also great to use an all in one swaddle or sleeping bag to avoid baby's kicking off their blankets. We love Sleepy Bub Swaddles which can help your baby keep comfortable in either arms up or arms down positions. Remember never to use an electric blanket, hot water bottles or heat packs inside the baby's cot or bassinet. They are a fire hazard, a burn hazard, as well as a SIDS hazard. Never overheat the baby's room. Keep the heater on the lowest setting. Never use hats or beanies, as overheating and clothing that can be accidentally pulled over the face is also a SIDS risk. Another favourite product to take the guess work out of whether a room is too hot or too cold is GroEgg digital thermometers. The soft light will turn red if it's too hot, or blue if it's too cold. 

3. When venturing outdoors:

Always keep you baby warm by dressing them with singlets under their clothing. Instead of socks, which can easily get lost or pulled off, opt for stockings instead. They can be worn under trousers for both girls and boys. Use cotton all-in-one suits under clothes. Another great reason why these suits are so great. Not only are they good for sleeping in, they can be an easy undergarment when heading outdoors, simply add a shirt or jumper and a pair of track pants and no one will ever know they are still wearing their pajamas underneath!

4. Keeping their pram seat cozy. 

A lambswool pram liner is a great way to insulate your baby and keep them warm during days out. Instead of using blankets which can be kicked off and left in the mud, try opting for a pram liner with built in foot muff. They can be zipped up and not kicked off. If you don't have one, then a simple cot blanket fastened on the sides with a couple of pegs or pram clips should do the trick. 

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